At PlantDesign we offer a complete range of landscaping activities and styles delivered - from the traditional to the contemporary. From the gardens of Gertrude Jekyll and through to the designs of Corbusier and Diarmuid Gavin, we at PlantDesign have a passion and knowledge of the fascinating history of gardens. From a back yard or driveway through to a complete garden scheme. Extensive and impressive track record of all types of soft and hard landscaping. Our portfolio demonstrates the exciting range of projects delivered for our residential clients and those in the public and commercial sectors.

Operating for over twenty years and with our "one stop shop" opened since 2002 on Woolton Rd and now our new SECOND SHOP in FORMBY TOWN CENTRE, we have built up a reputation as the leading landscaping design and build specialists in the North of England. With our unique shops and showrooms, we lead the field and stand out as creative deliverers of quality design and total landscaping solutions. You have peace of mind when working with us always having the opportunity and freedom of meeting us at our shops and showrooms every step of the way.

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Our team of designers, expert in 3D and CAD techniques work closely with clients listening to what they want and presenting drafts and redrafts until we realise and deliver the vision. At your home, or at our showrooms we can meet to review the plans and quickly progress from dream to reality.

Our skilled workforce combined with our professional project management approach, ensures high quality production and delivery at all times. We are aware of how a beautiful garden is not just a garden - but your dream turned into a reality.

We are adept at producing beautiful landscaping projects, including stunning smartplanting schemes, and functional yet beautiful driveways, as well as satisfying all your outdoor space needs. We also provide a wide range of planters, complete with stunning plants, ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

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